Week 6 (due July 13th)

Happy July 4th!

Please work on your own to complete any of our assignments.

  • Group Podcast (all groups present on July 13th)
  • Digital Story (embedded on Blog)
  • Technologically Integrated Lesson Plan
  • Blog

Use this class to catch-up or get ahead.

Revisit one of the Educational Technology blogs from Week 1. or visit the blog of someone you follow on Twitter. Try leaving a comment on their blog! On your own blog, post a response about the latest postings you read. Find anything interesting and new to share?

Choose one lesson/activity from the CommonSense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship Classroom Curriculum and summarize/review the lesson on your blog.

Read “PowerPoint is Evil” by E. Tuften or listen to NPR story about PowerPoint in the classroom, post a reaction to your blog

Course Reading:
Read about Inquiry-based learning (be sure to read all sections up to and including “How can I use inquiry-based learning in conjunction with other educational techniques?”) and Historical Thinking

Optional reading: “The Power of PowerPoint” by V. Brown

*** Podcast Presentations (podcasts need to be embedded on Google Site before class)


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